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Solid Roof

Your Living Space with Guardian

Built to last from bottom to top

Whatever conservatory you are looking for, whether it is modern or traditional, you want it to look beautiful and to last. With a Guardian Conservatory its beauty is more than skin deep, in fact it goes all the way down into the ground.

The foundations of your conservatory are the most important part of the structure so we build deeper, more solid foundations than most do. We dig at least a metre deep, with a fully-insulated base made from concrete up to 1500mm thick, 450mm wide and reinforced with steel. Our base specifications beat any local company’s, giving superior strength to the walls and roof meaning our conservatories are built to last and require very little maintenance or care.

Designed to be enjoyed all year round

Have you every been in a conservatory in the summer? Too hot in July and too cold in December?

Your Guardian conservatory is specially designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our special glass reflects enough sun rays away to keep you temperate, while the coating on the inside of the glass reflects heat back into your home. Then between the panes is Argon gas to stop cold air entering and helping you to pay less for your heating bills.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Once you have found the design you love, your work is done. You can sit back, relax, and let us do the rest.

​We will make sure that you have planning permission and that building regulations are requested. But to top it all off, we will also source the correct materials to make sure your conservatory matches your home’s character.