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The Benefits of Having Doors from Guardian

Safe and Secured by Design

Your doors are the entrances to your safe place, which is why security is our number one priority in your home.

Having a door fitted by Guardian could help you benefit from a door tested to the latest PAS24 security standards and awarded Secured by Design – the official Police security accreditation. The multi-point steel locks are anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill making them secure from intruders, whilst the reinforced steel hinges can withstand more pressure than standard. The glass is also fitted from the inside, so it cannot be removed by those trying to get in.

Shut out those chilly breezes and seal in the warmth

You want every part of your home to be weather tight and warm, so why should your door be any different?

Guardian Doors are fitted with multiple draught resistant seals are fitted tight into the frame to minimise heat loss and make your home more energy efficient. If you opt for double or triple glazed panels, the heat reflecting glass on the inner pane stops heat escaping while the outer low-iron glass let’s more of the sun rays into your home. All this not only keeps your home warmer and energy bills down, it also helps reduce outside noise.

Stylish with a huge range of colours

Whether you like an elegant uPVC door, or want a rustic Composite, we are sure that you will find a style that suits you. We have the full array of products, both modern and traditional, with the highest quality materials, fixtures, and fittings.

If you thought that wasn’t enough, we will find the right colour for you with the full RAL colour spectrum. So if you want daffodil yellow, pearl pink, or a more traditional mahogany brown you can choose a door personal to your home.